Attacks on UN, schools, health facilities violation of int’l law – Guterres

CAIRO, Secretary-General of the UN Antonio Guterres stressed the “attack on UN Headquarters and educational and health facilities is a violation of international law”, assuring that respecting the law and civil protection “is a matter of extreme importance.” This was mentioned during a joint briefing held by Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and Guterres following their meet on Thursday which covered the military escalations in Palestine.

Guterres also revealed the importance of finding a just solution for this conflict, “a solution cannot be reached without a free Palestine”, where each side upholds their own safety and security parameters within borders as based on international resolutions.

While also mentioning the need to halt all live fire assaults on Palestinian territories in addition to permitting humanitarian aid to reach the necessary areas, warning the current situation is of graveness as death and illness become more prone.

Gaza is urgently in need of a large sum of supplies, said Guterres, based on his recent acclimations of the destruction of the Baptist Al-Ahli Hospital.

The “aid is not a small operation”, he said, clarifying the much needed efforts for such a task along with assurances of border crossing without any security issues.

He pointed that the crossing between Rafah and Gaza along with El-Arish airport stand as the lifelines of those living in the strip.

As for Sameh Shoukry, Egypt will be working through the ‘Cairo for Peace’ summit as efforts to reach an “international agreement” will commence to prevent further escalations, a ceasefire covenant, and a route for humanitarian aid.

Adding, “there is no resolve expect for a sit-down on the negotiations table in order to push for a two-state solution based on the border drawings of June 1967 with Eastern Jerusalem as the capital.” He also mentioned his nation’s priorities for this task, starting with a halt of all military action, securing humanitarian aid routes, and creating a stance of control to regain stability and peace.

Shoukry strongly overruled the solution of expelling Palestinians to neighboring countries.

He also condemned the targeting of UN and humanitarian headquarters as such actions are a direct violation of International law and “should be stopped immediately.” His discussions with Gueterres focused on the recent escalations as he calls for an immediate ceasefire, and efforts to uphold the transportation of aid either through the Rafah crossing or El-Arish airport as well as harnessing the ability to receive the anticipated relief packages.

It is expected that next Saturday, the Cairo Peace Summit will discuss ways of dealing and sustaining the current crisis in Palestine, as 31 nations including Kuwait will be attending along with three other international organizations.

Source: Kuwait News Agency