The President of the Football Association meets with Casas and Shenaishil

The President of the Iraqi Football Association, Adnan Darjal, held today, Saturday, a meeting at the Association’s headquarters with the national team’s coach, Casas, his assistant coach, and the Olympic team’s coach, Radhi Shanishil.

The meeting discussed the preparation of the Olympic team for the Paris Olympics, in the presence of Association member Ghaleb Al-Zamili.

The president of the Association said: We seek to provide all the requirements for success for the Olympic team in the Paris Olympics, and to appear in a distinctive image that reflects the development of the game in Iraq, and as a representative of Arab and Asian football in this great forum.

He added: There will be continuous meetings, and we are working as one team, with a confident spirit and high coordination between the national team coach, Casas, and the Olympic coach, Radi Shenaishil, a spirit dominated by understanding and positivity in proposals and visions.

The president of the Association pointed out: We have an ambition for t
he Olympics to be an appropriate opportunity to demonstrate the players’ abilities and enhance their presence against the group’s teams, Ukraine, Argentina and Morocco, in a way worthy of the reputation of our football.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency