UNHCR: Kuwait strategic partner in emergency preparedness

Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to Kuwait Dr. Nasrin Rabian said that Kuwait is a strategic partner of UNHCR in the field of exchanging practical experiences on emergency preparedness.

This came in Dr. Rabian’s statement Wednesday on sidelines of a training workshop on preparing for emergencies between UNHCR and the National Security College of the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

The workshop, which was presented by UNHCR fieldwork experts, aimed to exchange expertise and experiences by studying real facts based on examples from emergency planning and response locally, Rabian explained.

During the workshop, basic humanitarian principles, emergency response, preparedness plans, communication with the media, and the foundations and principles of international protection, including the role of donor countries in supporting urgent humanitarian response efforts, were discussed, she added.

She was proud to launch the second edition of the workshop, which is an extension of previous cooperation between UNHCR and the National Security College last November, commending the efforts of MoI represented by the college and their keenness to organize such workshops.

In a similar statement, Director of the Institute for Strategic and Security Studies Brigadier General Dr. Abdulaziz Bu Dhair said that sensing emergency situations and preparing for them is one of the most vital thing for foreseeing the future and strategic planning to deal with difficult challenges to national security.

The pivotal role of the National Security College emerges through its keenness to enhance national competency expertise and share it with the most important specialized international organizations, he added.

This workshop comes as a continuation of the success of last year’s session in the framework of exchanging UNHCR’s experiences with the local stakeholders and coordinating the emergency and humanitarian response to cases of forced displacement, whether resulting from disasters, wars or those in connection to climate change. The workshop included practical training to apply theories and lessons learned through simulation exercises for emergencies and displacement.

Source: Kuwait News Agency