Turan Renews The Turkmen’s Adherence To Their National And National Principles

Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, head of the United Iraqi Turkmen Front list, Hassan Turan, confirmed that the Turkmen in Iraq adhere to the unity of their country and its defense.


This came during a meeting with the list’s candidates for the Kirkuk Provincial Council elections.


Turan spoke about the importance and role of provincial councils in providing services to citizens, their powers in forming local governments, and the necessity of working as one team in order to achieve the aspirations of the Turkmen people.


He explained the electoral system for the provincial councils, the adoption of the single constituency system for the governorate, and the modified Saint-Lego system, and stressed the necessity of urging broad participation in the elections to ensure Turkmen representation in the upcoming Kirkuk Provincial Council.


During the meeting, political developments were reviewed.




Source: National Iraqi News Agency