The Iraqi Journalists Syndicate celebrates the 155th anniversary of Iraqi Press Day and receives well-wishers on Saturday morning, 6/15, at the Syndicate’s headquarters.

On June 15 of each year, the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate and the press family celebrate the National Day of the Iraqi Press, commemorating the publication of the first Iraqi newspaper, Al-Zawraa, in 1869.

A statement by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate stated: Celebrating Iraqi Press Day means reviewing the rich journey of Iraqi journalists over those long years, which was characterized by giving, excellence, and defending their country, Iraq, its gains, and its future, through media coverage, as well as in conveying its bright image to the world.

The Iraqi Journalists Syndicate will receive well-wishers at its headquarters in Karrada Maryam and receive telegrams of congratulations starting on the morning of Saturday, June 15, while the Syndicate’s branches festival will be held on Saturday, 29/6/2024 in Abu Nawas Gardens, and the official celebration will be held at 11 a.m. on Sunday, 6/30. /2024 at Al-Rashid Hotel.

It added that on this dear occasion, the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate salutes the souls of t
he martyrs of journalism who sacrificed themselves for the message of free speech.

The Syndicate concluded: Greetings to the Iraqi journalistic family on its most important holiday.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency