Sweilem Follows up on Applied Research Program between Egypt and the NetherlandsU.S. vetoes UN resolution demanding an immediate stop to the Israeli occupation aggression on Gaza

Professor Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, held a meeting to follow up on the position of the ongoing studies and the studies planned to be implemented within the first component of the applied research program between Egypt and the Netherlands (Water-JCAR).

Dr. Sweilem stated that he was keen to encourage research and innovation to find innovative solutions to meet the growing challenges in water resources management, pointing out the importance of focusing applied research on identifying appropriate technologies at the field level, and studies of modern irrigation.

Dr. Sweilem stressed the importance of developing the National Water Resources Plan for the year 2050 by including dimensions related to unconventional water, especially water reuse and desalination.

He also stressed the importance of focusing on providing the necessary training for workers in the water field, especially young engineers and researchers in the Ministry, as one of the most important tools for develop
ing the water management process.

It is worth noting that the (Water-JCAR) program aims to achieve coordination and cooperation between the National Water Research Center affiliated with the Ministry, the Agricultural Research Center affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Dutch Wageningen Research Institute specialized in environmental affairs, the Dutch Environmental Assessment Committee, and the Foundation Dutch Deltars.

Source: State Information Service Egypt

New York, The U.S. blocked UN resolution demanding an immediate halt to the Israeli occupation aggression on Gaza.

Thirteen countries voted in favor of the Algeria-led resolution on Tuesday, while the U.S. voted against it. The U.K. abstained.

The resolution called for an immediate ceasefire, the delivery of aid to the entire Gaza Strip, Israeli occupation’s compliance with the orders of the International Court of Justice and to respect its obligations under international law.

It also rejected the forced displacement of Palestinians.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency