Speaker meets delegation of European Front for the Defense of Syria

Damascus, People’s Assembly Speaker, Hamoudah Sabbagh, received a delegation of the European Front for the Defense of Syria (the Italian CasaPound party).

During the meeting, Sabbagh stressed the importance of the role played by the delegation in defending Syria and conveying the truth of what is going on the ground to the world public opinion, saying that Syria’s decision is independent and stems from the interests of its people and their confidence in its leadership represented by President Bashar al-Assad.

Sabbagh pointed out the gradual return of normal life to all service and living facilities in Syria, which began to recover from the effects of the war that was imposed on it, adding that the unjust sanctions and unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria will not undermine the resilience of the Syrian people.

For his part, Head of the Italian delegation, Gianluca Iannone, Chairman of the CasaPound party, expressed solidarity and support to the Syrian people and leadership, stressing that members of the delegation will spare no effort to show the reality of the disadvantages of the political, economic and scientific blockade that Syria suffers from, that affect the social and economic life of Syrian citizens.

He added that the European general policy is heading towards isolating Syria, while the majority of European citizens do not support this policy.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency