Palestinian Land Day Uprising is the core of Palestinians’ struggle _ People’s Assembly

The People’s Assembly asserted in a statement that the Land Day Intifada (Uprising) on March 30th , 1976, was the essence of the Palestinian national struggle, which became an example to follow for the whole humanity in drawing inspiration for steadfastness.

‘This 48th anniversary marks what is known as the Land Day, which was sparked after the authorities of the malicious Zionist enemy confiscated vast areas of the lands of Arab villages in order to Judaize them and empty them of their Arab residents, the owners of the land.’ the Assembly said.

Syria was and will remain the rock-solid country that stands in the face of illusions and malicious schemes of the Zionists, and against all occupiers in general.

The Assembly reaffirmed that the Palestine Cause will remain the central question until the establishment of the Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency