OPCW recent decision establishes dangerous stage in the organization work and future, increases polarization_ Dandi says

The recent decision of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(OPCW) against Syria establishes a dangerous stage in the work of the organization and its future, increases the polarization and politicization, representing the isolationist positions of Western countries only , Al-Hakam Dandi, the acting charge d’affaires of Syria’s Permanent Delegation to the UN said.

Syria rejects this decision and considers it a deviation from the framework of OPCW convention regulating the work of the organization, reiterating that it represents the isolationist positions of Western countries and shows that its goal is to reach what the West was unable to achieve through attacks and failed political campaigns against Syria, he added.

Dandi hold the West responsible for the negative impacts on the present and future of the organization as a result of its imposition of decisions that increase division within it.
Source: Syrian Arab News Agency