NHRA’s Accreditation Standards for Hospitals and Medical Centres recognised by ISQua

Supreme Council for Health (SCH) President, Lieutenant-General Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, has attended the accreditation ceremony of the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA)’s Accreditation Standards for Hospitals and Medical Centres by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).

Health Minister, Dr. Jaleela bint Al-Sayed Jawad Hassan, Acting Royal Medical Services Commander, Brigadier Dr. Shaikh Fahad bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, ISQua Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Carsten Engel, several Shura and Representatives councils’ members, CEOs of public and private medical institutions were present.

Addressing the ceremony, SCH President valued highly the ongoing efforts of Bahraini health institutions to provide patient-centered care according to the highest standards.

He indicated that the existence of a robust and well-organised health sector would contribute to the success of the implementation of the National Health Insurance System, with the creation of an environment that stimulates healthcare investments, noting that the international recognition of the NHRA’s Accreditation Standards for Hospitals and Medical Centres is a landmark achievement for the kingdom, as it places the NHRA among leading accreditation entities.

He paid tribute to the NHRA’s CEO and team for the milestone, reflecting their resolve to achieve the NHRA’s vision to have a safe and high quality in the delivery of health care in the kingdom.

Health Minister expressed pride in the international accomplishment that would enhance the status and quality of health services in the Kingdom and strengthen citizens’ confidence in the health services provided, while ensuring the existence of an independent body represented by the NHRA that evaluates performance and follows up on improvement in a continuous manner.

NHRA Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mariam Al-Jalahma, said that over the past 18 months, the NHRA has cooperated with its partners to update the standards for hospitals and medical centres.

Dr. Al-Jalahma indicated that the 18-month work resulted in a strong set of standards, the first of its kind in the region, as they take into account the national situation where all the rules, regulations and laws of Bahrain are incorporated in addition to evidence-based standards to ensure best practices in the field of healthcare in the Kingdom.

ISQua Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Carsten Engel, commended the efforts made by the NHRA to obtain recognition of its standards for evaluating the performance of health institutions, noting that standards presented by the NHRA have been subject to review and scrutiny by independent evaluators, and it has been confirmed that they are in line with the principles and standards set by the ISQua in order to comply with international standards and ensure the accuracy, transparency and comprehensiveness of the evaluation.

He pointed out that the NHRA’s standards have taken into account the national frameworks and legislation, which makes them suitable for implementation in the Kingdom, on the one hand, and entitles them to be placed among the best international practices, on the other.

ISQua is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting quality improvement in health care. It has been working to improve the quality and safety of health care worldwide for over 30 years. It conducts independent evaluations of accreditation agencies in the world.

Source: Bahrain News Agency