Minister of Oil: We are studying adding a new production unit to the Najaf Refinery


Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister of Oil, Hayan Abdul Ghani, confirmed the Ministry’s keenness to increase and improve the refining capacities of national refineries and support sincere efforts to reach the Ministry’s goals and plans, including the Najaf refinery by adding new production units to improve the quality of petroleum products.


Abdul Ghani said, during a visit to the Najaf refinery in which he inspected the production units and was briefed on the progress of refining operations, that “the Ministry is conducting a study to add a new production unit to the Najaf refinery with a capacity of (70) thousand barrels per day,” stressing the importance of the Najaf refinery in processing oil in a quantity of 825 thousand liters per day, and an amount of 650 thousand liters per day of kerosene and an amount of 650 thousand liters of kerosene oil per day, in addition to supplying electrical power stations in the Najaf and Karbala governorates with black oil in an amount of approximately (6) million liters per day.




Source: National Iraqi News Agency