Kuwaiti students value their training experiences in Spain

MADRID, Kuwaiti students cherished their experiences in Spain on Thursday with the positive atmosphere and welcome they received during their academic and training experiences, underlining that Spain is a friendly country that offers wide options for growth and development in various fields.
This was on the sidelines of their attendance at the Kuwait Airways celebration of launching the permanent direct line to Madrid city, which was held last night, Wednesday, at the headquarters of the Kuwaiti embassy in the Spanish capital, from the invitation of Kuwait’s Ambassador to Spain Khalifa Al-Kharafi.
In an interview with KUNA, Naira Ramadan, a citizen who studies civil aviation in the Andalusia region of Malaga, said that she chose Spain thanks to its suitable climate for this activity to learn and master aviation, in addition to how Spain’s people are friendly and helpful.
She is about to finish her studies, which lasted about two years, she added, showing happiness about the new direct flight, pointing out that the strategic partnership with Air Europa is a very crucial step.
Direct flights will make it easier for students, residents and tourists to travel, as Spain is one of the most vital tourist destinations that receive great demand from Kuwait, she underscored.
She encouraged those who wish to learn to fly to come to Spain, while underling the importance of having some knowledge of the Spanish language to ease communication with its people.
Another viewpoint, Abdullah Al-Mutairi, an officer on scholarship from the National Guard, said that he traveled to Spain to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Spanish translation at the Andalusia University of Granada.
He told KUNA that he studied Spanish for a year at an academy in Madrid before going to a university, saying that he was sent on scholarship with four other officers to study translation.
Al-Mutairi is ambitious to continue his academic studies and obtain a master’s degree in translation, then a doctorate to serve the Kuwait National Guard, Kuwait and its people, appreciating the welcome he received in the cities of Madrid and Granada.
Speaking to KUNA, Fawzia Al-Awadhi, a Kuwaiti chemical engineer trainee, mentioned that she was sent with several colleagues through a training program for newly graduated engineers to train in international companies.
After the first phase of the training program, which included 15 courses in Kuwait, she was sent to Spain to train at the company Tecnicas Reunidas in Madrid, where there were several courses that can be taken.
At the start of September, she arrived in Spain, she said, adding that training in international companies for six months is the second phase of the training program, which ends with the third phase of working in a private sector in Kuwait.
She appreciated the welcome she received in Spain with the positive atmosphere, considering that vocational training is a great opportunity to enhance skills, while encouraging more graduates and scholars to come to Spain.
The Kuwaiti students thanked Kuwait’s embassy for all the facilities provided to them so that they can take on new academic experiences in Spain.


Source: Kuwait News Agency