Health Minister calls for changing society’s culture towards mental disorders

Minister of Health and Population, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar emphasized the significance of changing how society views mental illnesses and disorders.

Mental health should be discussed in more depth to ensure the proactive prevention of many mental illnesses, Abdel Ghaffar told a dialogue session on the sidelines of the Global Congress on Population, Health and Development 2023 (PHDC’23).

In addition to developing existing facilities and increasing the availability of specialized medical personnel in this regard, the Ministry of Health and Population places a strong emphasis on expanding the establishment of numerous medical facilities dedicated to offering psychiatric counseling and treatment services. This is done in a way that ensures that services are provided to those in need easily, the minister said.

The ministry has made mental health a high priority since mental health services are now provided in primary healthcare units in the governorates and are also a part of the tests for the program to screen those who are about to get married, he added.

Source: State Information Service Egypt