Haitham Zuaiter: We hope that the summit will rise to the occasion and take decisions that will be implemented

Ramallah – Together – On the sidelines of the thirty-third regular session of the Arab League Council meeting at the summit level, which will begin its work today, Thursday, May 16, 2024 in the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama, member of the Palestinian National and Central Councils, Haitham Zuaiter, expressed in an interview: A journalist, expressing his hope that ‘the 33rd Arab Summit will rise to the occasion regarding the Palestinian issue,’ noting that ‘the summit will be held in light of the continuation of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which ended 10 days into the eighth month with the fall of more than 36 thousand martyrs and 78 thousand One wounded, 10,000 missing, and the destruction of thousands of housing units, institutions, hospitals, schools, universities, churches, and mosques, in what is described as a genocidal war.’

He pointed out, “We notice today that there is an insistence on the part of the Israeli government to continue the war of displacement against the Palestin
ian people, by storming Rafah and displacing 450,000 people, including those who had previously been displaced, meaning that the Gaza Strip is no longer safe in light of the Israeli siege and ongoing aggression.” He stressed that ‘there is a lot of hope from this summit, as the Palestinians expect the gathered Arab leaders to keep pace with the moment, especially since what distinguishes this summit from previous summits is that there is an Israeli insistence on committing more massacres, and a greater awareness of the justice of the Palestinian cause among international public opinion.’ “.

Zuaiter focused on, ‘We notice the demonstrations taking place in European countries and the United States of America, and this is an indication that the truth of the Palestinian narrative has become clearer in the face of the falsity of the Israeli occupation’s claims.’

Therefore, Arab leaders must take these variables as an important point for making decisions, but what is more important is implementing them.’

He expl
ained, ‘What the Palestinian issue suffers from is that many of the decisions issued by previous summits have not been implemented, especially since the Palestinian Authority is suffering from a stifling financial crisis, due to the continuation of Israeli crimes, and this requires securing a financial safety net for the Palestinian people, especially in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.’ Gaza and the Palestinian refugees.

He stated, “There is almost a financial blockade on the Palestinian Authority, and if we exclude Algeria, which is committed to what was pledged, we notice that many countries have provided little of what they are required to do to the Palestinian cause.”

He also stressed that ‘what is required, in light of the changing Western climate regarding the Palestinian issue, is for Arab leaders to meet Palestinian concerns and the requirements of supporting Palestinian steadfastness, which means continuity and steadfastness for many Arab countries,’ stressing that ‘the Palestinian is
sue is not a burden on anyone, but rather it is the justification for the existence of many Arab leaders, who either under the title of supporting it or for its sake, have taken their positions.’

Zuaiter stressed that ‘there will be no security and stability in the region without a just solution to the Palestinian issue, by establishing a fully sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and ensuring the return of refugees.’

Source: Maan News Agency