Four Football players from Libya drowned due to Hurricane Daniel

The Libyan Football Association announced the death of a number of local Libyan football team players as a result of the hurricane that struck the country, called Hurricane Daniel, which caused a great state of devastation and the death of thousands.

The Libyan Football Association wrote on its Facebook account: “We condole ourselves and the sports community with the loss of athletes Shaheen Al-Jamil, Saleh Sassi, Ayoub Sassi, and Al-Hussein Shalouf.”

While the account of the Libyan club Al-Ittihad published news confirming the death of a number of Libyan team players affected by the hurricane that struck the east of the country, where the body of the talented player Shaheen Al-Jamil, striker of the Libyan football team, was found this morning in the city of Derna, eastern Libya, two days after he disappeared as a result of the floods that swept the cities in eastern Libya due to the Mediterranean Hurricane “Daniel” that struck the country at dawn on Sunday.

Ahmed Amdord, Deputy Dean of the Libyan Municipality of Derna and a member of the Municipal Council, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the number of victims of Hurricane Daniel in the city of Derna has risen to 4,500 people and 10,000 missing people have been recorded so far, indicating that the situation is catastrophic in the city and requires urgent international intervention, according to Al-Youm7.

The Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Derna called for urgent international intervention to save the city that is suffering from collapse, noting the collapse of more than 7 buildings, some of which have up to 14 floors, which portends a humanitarian disaster in the city. He called on the international community to intervene urgently through the Derna sea port to save what could be saved.”

The cities of the eastern Libyan region, led by the city of Derna, are witnessing a state of panic that has contributed to the worsening of the living and humanitarian conditions that the country is witnessing, against the backdrop of the outbreak of Hurricane Daniel, which resulted in large numbers of deaths and injuries and the displacement of hundreds of people.”/End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency