Culture Minister meets OIC of UNESCO Office in Cairo

Minister of Culture Neveen El Kilany met on Tuesday 11/7/2023 with OIC of the UNESCO Office in Cairo Nuria Sanz, and its culture team to discuss strengthening cooperation on the culture front nationally and regionally as well.

Discussions revolved around means of synthesizing efforts for the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage this year. Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) or living heritage refers to the knowledge, practices, and expressions that are passed down from generation to generation. Living heritage provides meaning in the everyday lives of communities, a sense of identity, continuity, and belonging that contributes to their well-being. Living heritage is dynamic and adapts itself to contemporary context.

Egypt has a rich and diverse living heritage. Egypt ratified the ICH Convention in 2005 and 7 elements (national and multi-national) are inscribed on the Lists. In light of the leadership of the Egyptian authorities for the global efforts in safeguarding living heritage, the meeting discussed the programme for the 20th anniversary this year to celebrate Egypt’s rich and diverse intangible treasures, recognize knowledge holders and practitioners, and reflect on future directions.

Both parties agreed to continue with the special Programme on traditional food systems in Egypt by a series of scientific and professional workshops to underline the significance of Egypt’s traditional foodways, including recipes, cooking methods, and mealtime rituals, that are passed down through generations and represent the Egyptian community’s unique cultural identity and heritage.

The main objective is to bring together tha main programes and individual research that have been undertaken in Egypt and abroad for decades to set up a potential list of manifestations and practices that could became candidates to the UNESCO 2003 Convention.

Moreover, regional cultural initiatives were discussed prioritizing Culture for Africa and promoting intercultural global dialogue through international exhibitions, fairs and cultural activities.

Source: State Information Service Egypt