(52) defendants arrested, including (31) violators of residency requirements on the Rusafa side.

Baghdad Operations Command forces arrested 52 defendants, including (31) who violated the terms and regulations of the Department of Residency and Nationality on the Rusafa side.

The Command stated in a statement that units of the Baghdad Operations Command, through the Fifth Division of the Federal Police, and the units attached to it, with the support of agencies and intelligence agencies, carried out security operations for regional searches, inspections, and arrests in the areas of (Saba Qusour, Al-Husseiniyah, Husseiniyat Al-Ma’amel, Jamila, Al-Shaab, and the city of Al-Sadr) on the Rusafa side, which resulted in the arrest of (52) defendants according to various legal articles, including (31) who violated the conditions and controls of the Department of Residency and Nationality while taking ‘Nisimiya’ agricultural roads at the approaches to the Al-Husseiniyah area, north of Baghdad, using a transport vehicle (coaster), in addition to the seizure of a number of unlicensed weapons and equipment, tires,
and motorcycles in violation of traffic controls and conditions.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency